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Seriously stylish and ethically woven, our soft wool rugs are beautiful in more ways than one.

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Hand woven wool rugs and runners

Wool rugs are a fantastic way to give a room a style lift and make your home feel more comfortable and cosy, especially when such a warm and natural fibre as wool is used. By simply adding out a beautifully designed wool carpet to your interior, you can instantly pull together a room and help create balance amongst your home accessories through harmonising colours and patterns. 

But with dozens of types of wool rugs out there, it can be difficult to know which kind you should be looking for, even before you consider colour and design.

Wool rugs for the living room, bedroom or office

A large wool rug in the living room can also group together pieces of furniture, and even provide you with more seating space, making the floor vastly more attractive to sit on.

Whether you’re searching for a modern wool rug for your home, office or playroom, a wool rug is a solid option and can work in practically any type of space. Durable, natural, soft and able to be woven and dyed into almost any type of pattern or finish, there’s rarely a wool rug that won’t do exactly the job you need it to.

Can wool rugs cause allergies?

Naturally anti-static, a natural wool rug will help your home look and feel fresh, and is a great choice for people who suffer from allergies. Because wool doesn't soil easily and is effective at concealing dirt, it’s a practical material for a ground covering, especially in parts of your home that are exposed to a lot of foot traffic.

Having a wool rug in your living room and bedroom will actually make your house safer and healthier to live in – so there’s no second guessing this fantastic floor material.

Wool rugs will keep you warm in winter

Wool rugs are also a wonderful insulator against the cold, so can help reduce heating costs while keeping your rooms warm and your feet toasty. Because it’s a natural fibre, a cosy wool rug will be better at regulating your temperature in the warmer months, so you’ll feel less uncomfortable on a soft wool rugs in the summertime than if you had a synthetic one.

Long-lasting, durable wool rugs

The quality of the wool has a big impact on the overall design and finish of wool rugs. To achieve durable wool rugs that’s would last for years and will still look beautiful after lots of use, high-quality, natural wool must be woven thickly and tightly either by hand or by machine on a tapestry loom.

What size wool rug should I buy?

Wool rugs and runners are available in several sizes. Most common sizes are 140x200 cm, 160x230 cm, and 200x300 cm. Large rectangular wool rugs are suitable for placing under a table or in a living space. Large wool rugs are also a good size if you want to layer your wool rugs for a cosy, eclectic look and add a modern and on-trend touch to your home.

Round wool rugs add softness to a smaller room and help balance out angular shapes. Wool runner rugs are a great solution for narrow spaces like the hallway, adding warmth.

Traditional hand woven wool rugs

Traditional wool rug designs are woven on a loom using a plain weave, or are tufted to produce a soft, lush pile. The higher the pile, the softer the rug will be. The majority of URBANARA's hand woven wool rugs are made with 100% pure, natural wool for the ultimate in home luxury.

Traditional wool rugs with Oriental and Aztec designs look beautiful against hardwood flooring and light coloured tiles. Pair a white wool rug with floor cushions or a pouf for an interesting and alternative look. Often, traditional grey wool rugs have fringing too, which provide a tidy finishing touch to a classic style rug. A white wool rug or grey wool rug holds a timeless style, keeping a traditional look to your room without a danger of the piece ageing.

Choose the right colours - white, cream and grey wool rugs

A modern wool rug can help to bring a little warmth and softness to a contemporary interior. For a modern look, select a wool rug in calm colours, that blend well with your furniture  and space. 

Pure wool rugs in natural colours, like off-white, cream or grey wool rugs, are ideal for creating a calm atmosphere especially given the natural material used to make them. Just because a rug is neutral in colour, doesn’t mean it has to be boring: a chunky weave or patterned tuft can give a space depth and texture, helping to ad interest to a subdued colour scheme.

Buy modern wool rugs online

URBANARA offers a wide selection of high-quality wool carpets in timeless designs. Choose a round wool rug for your underneath coffee table, a wool runner rug for the hallway or a large wool rug for your bedroom, and add a touch of calm to your home.

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