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We use a mix of merino, organic and undyed wool to make our stunning wool blanket collections. Perfect for a warm and relaxing evening at home.

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Wool blankets

Find the perfect wool blanket

Wool is a special fibre that possesses a rustic, humble charm. Used for centuries by civilisations around the world, it’s been popular for so long thanks to its naturally warming properties and extremely durable construction. This, and the fact that wool can be spun and woven to produce a myriad of features, means that it’s a brilliant choice for blankets in the home.

Advantages of wool blankets

Wool is an extremely warm fibre that actively heats in winter, while still allowing air to pass through, so is cool in summer. In other words, it’s breathable but cosy, making it ideal for use in the home all year round. It’s also hypoallergenic, and bacteria and mite resistant, so great for people with allergies. Unlike synthetic fibres, this wonder-fibre tolerates being damp and will dry quickly, so is resistant to mould and mildew. A woollen blanket will therefore feel clean and fresh (and odour free) even with heavy handling.

In addition, wool’s extremely strong. You needn’t worry about over-using your woollen items because it’s one of the most durable natural fibres out there. In fact, wool fibres are flexible and hardy enough to withstand being bent around 20,000 times. By comparison, synthetically-made rayon can only withstand 75 bends. That means that you can wash, bend, throw and completely love your woollen blankets without worrying if they’ll pass the test of time. Because of its robustness, wool is resistant to tearing and stretching out of shape. This is also thanks to the fact that wool has a slight natural elasticity.

Their durability makes them easy to care for, too. It can be washed in the washing machine on a wool setting, and is crinkle resistant (it never needs to be ironed). Woollen fibres are naturally good at concealing stains and dirt (how effective they are obviously depends on the colour you choose) and hold lots of moisture, while still staying warm. In need of an impromptu picnic blanket, or a throw for when you’re outside? Just grab one of these versatile pieces and you’re ready to go.

Finally, wool is known to absorb harmful pollutants, to never re-emit them again. This means that using wool in your interior decorating can actually help to purify your air for up to 30 years.

Affordable wool blankets

Despite the material’s amazing properties, woollen blankets are very affordable because the fibre is a naturally occurring resource (that is, it’s renewable) and grows back very quickly. It is also sustainable and has a low impact on the environment because sheep are not intensively reared, so is easy to produce and harvest. Because of this, woollen blankets are affordable and available in abundance. While it’s not a rare fibre and does not compete in the softness stakes like cashmere blankets for example, wool is a trusted material that offers extremely good value if a good-quality wool is used.

Of course, the better quality your product is, the better value it will be, because it will last longer if cared for correctly. And we absolutely guarantee that all our collections here at URBANARA are the highest quality, and are much cheaper than on the high street.

When purchasing your woollen blanket online, make sure that…

The wool used is of high-quality. Your homewares and accessories will last much longer if they are made of 100% pure wool. The best-quality wool products are Woolmark certified, which is an internationally recognised trademark and considered the ‘global authority for quality woollen products’. It assesses the quality of wool textiles and products only using the most pure, softest, and highest-quality fibres are used. At URBANARA, many of our wool blankets are Woolmark certified, so you can be sure that you’re shopping for quality items. URBANARA collections that are not Woolmark certified are nonetheless made to an excellent standard, having been sourced from wool producers, weavers and mills with generations of weaving experience, and who are considered experts in their trade. For this reason, many of URBANARA’s blankets are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, which ensures that producers and manufactures adhere to strict environmental and social standards at all stages of manufacturing. The result is products of exceptional quality – so when shopping for blankets online, this is another great certificate to look for.

Pure wool blankets vs. wool blends

100% pure wool blankets are great for winter, but blends are wonderful, too. If you opt for a wool blend, ensure that the second fibre used is a natural material. This is because, despite this wonder-fibre being so long-lasting and easy to care for, synthetic fabrics still snap and stretch out of shape, leaving your blanket it a poor condition after a while. Wool can be successfully blended with a number of fibres. Wool-cotton blends are suitable for the summertime and in general the warmer months, and can help make the product even more affordable. Wool-alpaca blends can lend a little refinement to the finished blanket, making it softer to the touch, and a little lighter, too, thanks to the light weight of the alpaca wool. For truly affordable luxury, wool-cashmere blankets are delightfully soft, warm and light, easier to care for than pure cashmere, and often less expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable treat for yourself, or you want to treat someone special on a budget, a wool-cashmere blanket blend is a fantastic option.

The different types of woollen blankets

Sheep’s wool is generally the one we think of when talking about ‘woollen blankets’, but there are actually two other types that also come from sheep (and excluding wool that comes from other animals, like alpacas, goats and yaks.

Indeed, sheep’s wool, depending on what type of sheep it came from and how it is or woven, can have very, very different textures and finished. The most common types (apart from standard sheep wool) are lambswool and Merino varieties.

Lambswool blankets

Sometimes referred to as ‘new wool’ or ‘virgin wool’ lambswool is slightly finer than sheep wool. It refers to the very first shearing of the animal (usually when it’s around seven months old), making it a softer, rarer fabric that requires less processing than other, standard wool.

Merino wool blankets

Merino wool is another very desirable material for a blanket because it is just as durable and easy to care for as standard wool, but has finer fibres that feel softer against the skin. It is not quite as warm as lambswool, because it tends to be thinner. Merino wool comes from merino sheep, and there are different grades of this wool, too: fine merino wool fibres have a diameter of around 18-20 microns, which is around the same as cashmere! For those who suffer from sensitive skin and find wool to be slightly scratchy or irritating against the skin, a merino wool blanket (easy to buy online in the UK) is just the thing!

Styling woollen blankets

Styling woollen blankets – as with all home accessories – depends greatly on the texture and finish. Because wool is such a versatile fabric and can look and feel totally different, depending on what type of wool it is and how it’s been spun and woven, we wager that no matter what your décor style, palette, or penchant, there is bound to be a design that fits your home.

For a fluffy, ruggedly handsome finish, a twill weave or diamond weave can usually keep a little of the wools fluffiness or pile. If you want something smoother, a jacquard weave wool blanket produces a smoother finish with less fuzz.

For a rustic, country-house look, or to add contrast in the form of texture, why not choose a knit? A knitted blanket displays a very chunky loop finish that would look superb on a smooth leather sofa, for example.

Aside from being practical, this simple home living textile is an easy way to update and add a little flair to your living room or bedroom. For a pop of colour, choose red, pink, yellow or blue blankets. To help subdue a brightly coloured or bold sofa, grey throws work particularly well, or a plaid design in neutral or pared-down shades like beige, brown or cream. For a subtle patterned accent, you might also consider a two-toned style, like a contrasting herringbone or diamond design finished off with sweet fringing.

You can often find matching wool blankets and cushions too, which work wonders for creating a stylish and matching interior – and extra cosy and warm for the winter months!

Because wool is such a versatile fabric, it’s great news if you’re searching for a gift, too: beautiful wool blankets come in all styles and colours, are universally appealing, and are practical – so make the perfect gift for literally everyone. And don’t forget the little ones… which small person wouldn’t love kids’ blankets?

Buy wool blankets online – UK

This fabric is reliable, affordable, and comes in many different styles and finishes that are available to browse and buy online. Once you’ve chosen the colour and the type of wool you’re after, compare sizes and finishes to find the one that’s right for whichever room you’re using it in. And remember that blankets aren’t just for sofas! Wool blankets make great bedspreads – so look for an extra-large size if you want it for the end of your bed. At URBANARA, we stock several collections in varying sizes, from small knee blankets (85 x 130 cm) to medium-sized blankets (130 x 190 cm) to large (140 x 220) to king-size blankets that are suitable for king and queen sized beds (160 x 230 cm).

If you need any more advice on choosing the right throws for your living room or bedroom, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly customer service team… and feel confident knowing that we’ll deliver your order free within the mainland UK, and you can take up to 100 days to fall completely in love with your new product… or your money back.