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Silk bedding: the ultimate everyday luxury

There’s a reason that we use the word ‘silky’ to describe something that’s characterised by incredible softness and smoothness.

Offering superior comfort and effortless style, silk bedding is widely considered to be the king of bed linen fabrics, possessing all the qualities that the adjective evokes.

Smooth and soft, silk’s appearance is truly special: unlike satin, which looks slightly glossy, this fibre possesses a natural lustre that gives the fabric depth and a rich, luxurious appearance. Despite its matte finish, the folds catch the light and make it look incredibly soft and inviting, and because it’s so fine, it has a gorgeous drape.

Why choose silk bedding?

Aside from its gorgeous feel and naturally lustrous appearance, silk has a host of health benefits and practical advantages to other fabrics, depending on your sleeping requirements.

First, silk is like linen bedding in that it is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a fantastic choice for people who suffer from allergies. The fineness and smoothness of silk (unlike linen) makes it difficult for dust mites to settle within its fibres, promoting easy breathing and a fresh, clean sleeping environment.

Second, silk is unbelievably lightweight. Its airy, soft, cloud-like quality is absolutely dreamy to sleep in, and its slight static effect will hug your body, keeping you covered at an agreeable temperature all night long. Like linen duvet covers, this makes silk excellent for summer, but unlike linen duvet sets, it's a little more appropriate for winter.

In fact, one of silk’s most advantageous qualities is that it’s one of the world’s most insulating fibres compared to its own weight: known for its temperature-regulating properties, silk is a smart choice for couples who share a bed, but who have different sleeping needs. Like wool blankets, silk blankets and duvet covers are very absorbent, wicking moisture away from your body and helping to keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it’s hot.

Its thin character makes it incredibly breathable too, so you’ll sweat less, and unlike cotton, it's a sensible choice for people who have very dry skin.

For all the above reasons, silk bedding is often cited as a good option for people who have dermatological problems including very dry skin, acne, facial blemishes and congestion, or who are conscious of taking care of their collagen levels to slow the ageing process.

High quality silk bed sheets

Silk bedding is made from the natural fibres of the silk worm, which feed off the leaves of mulberry trees. Silk worms use these fibres to spin cocoons, so the characteristics of the fibre are durable, insulating, and comfortable (can we blame them?). Those same characteristics are apparent in silk fabric.

There’s a difference between high-quality silk and low grade fabrics however. It’s possible to harvest silk without harming the worms, but it is sadly not always the case. In addition, silk farms are often treated with pesticides, leaving a large, toxic footprint on the environment.

For URBANARA’s silk bed linen, we use only the highest-grade silk available, made from mulberry silkworms – known to be the world’s best – ensuring a quality finish. In addition, none of our silk bedding collections are ‘cut’ or mixed with other fabrics, so when you buy silk bed linen from URBANARA, you can be sure you’re investing in something that will last a lifetime.

Timeless silk sheets designs

Silk fabric, like all other textiles, can be used to create a vast array of designs and styles; it takes to dye well and can be adorned just like cotton or linen bed linen. For our high-quality silk bedding collections, we opted for classic, timeless styles that represents true luxury that you can enjoy every day. We wanted to ensure that the quality of the fabric was at the fore, so there are no distracting embellishments. This makes our silk collections suitable for both men and women.

Styling your silk bedding at home

Because all our designs are completely timeless, the possibilities to decorate your room are absolutely endless: classic, neutral-coloured or white bed linen makes the best of bases on which to layer your way to the bed of your dreams.

Our neutral designs will work beautifully as a part of a traditional style bed, complementing more classic-style décor. Simply couple your duvet covers with with a quilted bedspread or a neutral layer, like blankets and throws, lots of cushions with flanges, and a valance for timeless appeal.

For something a little more contemporary, these designs will also pair perfectly with a geometric bedspread, patterned cushions and bright, bold rugs and runners: the sky’s the limit to your imagination, and there’s no space silk bedding won’t work.

The neutral styles also make it easy to change it up with the seasons, and because it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, it’s a great choice for year-round comfort.

Affordable silk bedding

Luxury bed linen at an affordable price is hard to come by, so we made it our goal to source direct from the world’s best silk weavers and develop collections in a range of styles, and sell them without the middleman, at a price that reflects their true cost.

Our bedroom collections are available in all the popular sizes with the pillowcases and duvet covers sold separately, so you can mix and match your way to the most luxurious, comfortable bed ever, at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay on the high street.

Investing in silk linen, while it is slightly pricier than other fabrics, is truly an investment. And because all our bedroom collections – from mattress protectors to duvet sets, scatter cushions to bedspreads & quilts – are made to the highest quality standards, you can shop confidently knowing that you’ll buy it once, and love it forever.

Silk bedding: a high-quality alternative

Cotton bedding is often the default choice for most people, with Egyptian cotton bed linen an extremely popular choice for those looking for something a little more luxurious.

But there are excellent alternatives to Egyptian cotton for those looking for luxury bed linen: silk is certainly up there. Like Egyptian cotton, silk is a wonderfully durable fibre that, with proper care, will last a lifetime – no exaggeration.

And while many assume that silk is too delicate to be machine-washed, this is simply not the case. Granted, it does require a gentle cycle and more frequent washing than cotton, but your silk bedding can be just as easily washed in the machine as other bed linen collections… and of course, sent to the dry cleaner’s if you prefer! We recommend washing your silk bedding twice per week.

Buying silk bedding online

We understand that buying in high-quality items for the home is an important decision, because you’re investing something that you’ll keep forever. Especially with articles like silk pillowcases, duvet covers, or quilts, it can be tough knowing if they’re right for your sleeping needs.

At URBANARA, we are convinced of the quality and design of all of our products, including sheets and bedding. That’s why we offer 100 days returns on all items. So if you’re not 100% convinced of your purchase, you can send it back, no questions asked. And this also applies to gifts, naturally..