Discover high-quality modern rugs in a wide range of timeless designs. Our rugs effortlessly bring flair to your home.

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Modern rugs in natural materials

At URBANARA, our range of rugs has something for everyone, whether you're looking for living room rugs in a flat weave, bedroom rugs, or a more modern rug in plush wool. Our luxury rugs are all made with 100% natural materials of the highest quality, sourced directly from the communities who expertly make them. 

Choosing the right rugs for your home

With so many different rugs to choose from, it can be tricky to decide what to go for, so firstly we recommend considering what the room's primary use is: bedroom rugs and living room rugs have the greatest demands in terms of the durability, whereas the priority in living rooms and bedrooms is of course style. 

The best living room rugs

The ideal materials for bathrooms and kitchen rugs are cotton and wool. Living room rugs must be easy to clean and are quick-drying, yet still excellent at retaining their shape. Our range of modern rugs, in 100% natural materials, uses a palette of naturally inspired hues, ranging from soft beige to stronger colours in deeper jewel tones. For a softer feel, opt for one of our cotton rugs; these living room rugs are perfect for adding softness underfoot. 

Choosing the right size living room rug is dependent on the size of your room and the look you want to achieve. For a really impactful look, choose a living room rug that fills the majority of the floor space - either modern rugs or luxury rugs will look great as the centerpiece in your room. For a more subtle take on a living room rug, go for rugs in soft colours such as beige or grey rugs, or choose a living room rug in a smaller size and centre it under your coffee table. 

The best bedroom rugs

Wool is ideal for adding warmth as a bedroom rug. Nobody likes stepping out of bed onto cold hard floor, so a wool bedroom rug is the perfect antidote. Our range of super soft bedroom rugs come in beautiful natural materials as standard, so you can guarantee your bedroom rug is of the highest quality. For a bedroom rug, you can get away with a much smaller rug size by placing a narrow rug alongside your bed, or go for a large rug placed under the whole bed to ensure you are surrounded by your sumptuously soft luxury rug

Choose a bedroom rug in similar colours to your bedroom scheme for a harmonious look, or go for a modern rug in contrasting colours for style that packs a punch. 

We offer a range of modern rugs and luxury rugs suitable for any home, so you're bound to find the right one for your home. 

Which rugs to choose

The shape of your rug naturally depends on the shape of your space, plus how your room and furniture are laid out; your rug can either create a specific zone within the space, or it can sit under furniture to simply add warmth and texture. Rectangular rugs work perfectly under large dining tables, for example, as round rugs sit beautifully underneath a circular side table. A runner placed in your entrance space can create the effect of a hallway, even if your home doesn't have one.

In terms of style, the options with rugs are endless – try adding modern rugs into your home to update the look and feel of your decor, and of course adding luxury rugs will elevate your interior to a new level of style.Choose rugs in shades harmonious with your home's interior colour scheme to create a sense of calm and balance, or if you're feeling daring, coloursful rugs or patterned rugs, such as a Beni Ourani rug, will get your some serious style points. 

Don't forget to add a rug underlay to keep everything in place!

Buy rugs online at URBANARA

Once you’ve decided on the right rug for your home, it’s easy to buy rugs online, have a look through our wide selection of wool rugscotton rugsjute rugs and viscose rugs. At URBANARA, we are proud to provide dozens of unique yet elegant designs at very affordable prices. All the materials that we use for our rugs and runners are top-quality and made to last, so you can be sure that when you invest in a piece from us, you’re investing in a piece that you’ll love forever, and which won’t go out of style.

In addition, URBANARA offers delivery across Europe. We work hard to make sure that our descriptions are thorough and give you the best possible idea of how our collections will look in your home. But if you find that it wasn’t quite how you had imagined it, you can send it back for free within 100 days, no questions asked.