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Breathe a little life into your home with some greenery housed in our elegant planters, plant pots and vases.

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Planters, plant pots and vases from URBANARA

It is a widely known fact that plants and flowers breathe life and colour into your home; these important members of your home decor deserve an elegant home. Our range of planters and vases are made using the finest natural materials, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your greenery is flourishing in high-quality indoor plant pots and vases.

The benefits of using planters, plant pots and vases in the home

Plants and flowers are crucial if you want your home interior to be full of life; bringing nature indoors is an easy task when your plants and flowers are housed in beautiful planters, plant pots and vases. Indoor plant pots are necessary for keeping plants neat and tidy, re-planting, or hiding the plastic plant pots they came in. When your plants grow bigger, re-planting them in large plant pots may also be necessary.

Which planters or plant pots to choose?

Choosing the right indoor plant pots and vases depends largely on the plants you need to house. For small plants, plant pots on a table top or window sill can work well. For larger plants, or if you need to rehome plants that have grown, large plant pots and planters on the floor or on low side tables work best. Large planters can also work in outdoor spaces, such as gardens or balconies.

Which vases to choose?

Choosing the right vases also strongly depends on the type of bouquets you want to display in your home. Vases come in a huge array of materials and colours, but you can't go wrong with choosing something in a neutral colour to avoid any colour clashes with potential flowers. Opt for smaller vases on your coffee table or side table to show of smaller bunches of flowers, or for larger displays of branches and greenery, floor vases are a great option. Floor vases look best beside larger items of furniture, or, try placing floor vases beside a floor lamps for a truly artful display.

Planters, plant pots and vases in natural materials

When it comes to your home, choosing materials that are natural and healthy is an obvious winner – our planters, plant pots and vases are made from high quality metal, so you can rest assured that you're choosing only the finest natural materials for your home.

Complete your home decor with URBANARA's range of planters, plant pots and vases

At URBANARA, our range of beautiful indoor plant pots and vases has what you need to create the most perfect home decor for you. Browse our range of indoor plant pots and vases to get inspired.

Shopping online with URBANARA offers access to a distinctive and affordable range of indoor plant pots and vases that you won’t find on the high street. Buying from us also represents great value. Dealing directly with producers helps keep our costs low, allowing us to offer our customers singular and uncommon home accessories at reasonable prices.

As part of our quality shopping experience, we offer free delivery and shipping to anywhere in the UK for all orders over £50. Plus, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.