Linen Curtains

Who says function and beauty can't make a perfect pair? Our light-as-air linen curtains keep rooms private and stylish – the perfect finishing touch. 

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Beautiful, 100% natural linen curtains

At URBANARA we strive to use only the highest quality natural materials in all of our products, and our linen curtains are no exception. Our stylish, 100% natural linen and linen-blend curtains are available in a range of colours, sizes and variations so you're bound to find the perfect match for your window. We choose only the finest linen curtain fabric to make our beautiful linen curtains. 

Linen is a completely natural fibre made from the flax plant - the natural process of extracting and spinning this fibre means that the finished material is naturally anti-allergenic and therefore recommended as linen curtains for people with allergies and sensitivities to chemicals or dust.

Linen curtains are also incredibly durable, far stronger than cotton thanks to the natural thickness of the fibres. In fact, linen curtains are proven to become stronger over time, and to become increasingly softer with each wash, meaning investing in good quality linen curtains will last a lifetime. Linen curtains are versatile and suitable for all types of uses, and linen curtains look particularly beautiful when it hangs. Finally, linen fibres contain antibacterial properties and naturally discourage germs from breeding, so you can rest easy knowing your linen curtains are keeping your home healthy.

Choosing linen curtains to match blinds

URBANARA’s linen curtains are made exclusively from high-quality flax for a natural, textured effect: depending on the thickness of the fabric, linen curtains can be either semi-transparent, allowing some light to filter through but still retaining privacy, or opaque – meaning less light filters through. 

Linen curtains are a great choice on their own, however you can also choose a pair to hang over window blinds for extra opacity and privacy. If your window has roller blinds, or any blind hung within the window reveal, layering a pair of linen curtains over the blind is easy as they hang from the curtain pole, allowing seamless use of both blinds and linen curtains depending on your needs. 

Choosing linen curtains from URBANARA to complement your blinds is easy, thanks to the wide range of colours and styles available. For plain blinds, try hanging coloured grey linen curtains, or white linen curtains. If you have a patterned or colourful blind, opting either for a colour present in the pattern, or a neutral curtain will work best. Grey linen curtains complement any interior and will stand the test of time, and of course white linen curtains are an equally timeless option. 

URBANARA's range of linen curtains

At URBANARA, we offer a range of different styles of linen curtains. Opt for pure linen curtains in a plain weave for a simple, calming look ideal for a living room or bedroom. For a more opulent feel, go for linen and velvet curtains to add a plush touch to your room, or to add a splash of personaility, choose a diamond pattern for an eclectic look. All of URBANARA's ready made curtains are quick and easy to hang on curtain poles, so your room will look great in no time. 

Online shopping for curtains at URBANARA

URBANARA offers distinctive collections of fine linen curtains that can be ordered online for easy delivery right to your door. Customers can buy with confidence with our Love at First Touch guarantee which offers free returns for any reason within 100 days of purchase.