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Chunky weaves and hand-worked knots make our sustainable, animal-friendly jute rugs simply stand-out.

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Jute Rugs

The benefits of a jute rug

Jute is an extremely versatile fibre, and is used widely in textiles for the home. Characterised by a very soft finish with a dull, rather than shiny or lustrous look, jute can easily be mistaken for wool.

Despite being a plant fibre, jute is relatively hard wearing. While it’s not as hardy as some of its close plant relations like sisal or hemp, it’s nonetheless suitable for the floor in medium traffic areas.

Like cotton, jute rugs don’t contain any lanolin so are the perfect choice for people who are sensitive to wool. They are also slightly less coarse, and don’t have the prickly feeling that wool sometimes possesses.

100% pure jute rugs are vegan and eco-friendly

Jute yarns are made from the stem fibres of the plant of the same name, which is native to China, India and Bangladesh. The plant is relatively quick growing, making it a sustainable resource because it’s renewable without huge environmental impacts. Moreover, jute grows really well without the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals, so it’s a safe crop for the environment and the people who work the fields. In addition, because it’s farmed without toxic substances, it doesn’t need any special treatments following harvesting, nor disproportionate amounts of water to clean or wash the fibre. This is especially important for the local communities that make products from the material, which are faced with huge water management challenges.

Because of these things, jute is it a low-footprint fibre that’s relatively eco-friendly, plus helps to support sustainable farming and the local communities where it’s grown.

What do jute rugs look like?

Jute is a fine fibre that can be woven into beautiful designs. Whether hand-woven or created using a loom, a jute rug can display very attractive, refined and intricate patterns. Herringbone jute rugs, two-toned designs or interesting textures are all possible with this material. Depending on the construction method, jute can have a smooth finish like cotton – which is perfect for use as kitchen rugs & runners – or a chunky, textural finish like wool – ideal for the living room or beside your bed.

The natural colour of jute can be off-white to brown – similar to natural wool rugs, in fact – but take to dyes wonderfully. They are therefore also available in an array of colours, and are slightly more vibrant than wool. In fact, they’re more like cotton rugs in this regard, but feel more similar to their animal fibre counterparts.

Caring for your jute rug

Jute is very easy to care for, making it a great choice for use around the home. Similar to wool, a simple vacuum with a brush nozzle is all you’ll need to keep your rug looking wonderful and magazine worthy. Brown jute fibres (compared to the off-white variety) will also help to conceal dirt.

As with most rugs which are not designed to be used for doormats, the longevity of your jute rug can be extended if it’s placed in an area where you don’t wear shoes; however it’s still hardy enough to be used as a carpet runner.

Wherever you decide to lay it, you can help to keep your rug and floor in good condition, and to make sure it stays in place on tiles and other smooth flooring, by using a carpet underlay. It doesn’t need to be the exact same size as the rug to work: a few centimetres overhang is fine.

How to clean jute rugs

In the case of stains or a build-up of grime and dirt, you can spot clean it with a mild detergent or special rug cleaner, as you would with other 100% natural rugs. Do not steam clean it though, because it’s susceptible to water damage. For this reason, jute is not recommended for use in the bathroom or for bath mats, so stick to cotton or linen for your bathroom textile accessories.

Jute rugs for your living room

A natural rug will feel infinitely fresher and healthier in the home that a non-natural one. Unlike synthetic or acrylic rugs, natural jute is not static, so will not attract dust. For this reason, your quality of air in your living room or bedroom will be higher, and healthier for people who suffer from allergies.

Finding the right jute rug for your room

Styling a jute rug in your home is much the same as any other rug: you need to consider the size (do you require an area rug, a carpet runner, or an accent rug?) as well as thinking about the other colours in the room.

You’ll then need to consider the pattern and texture: for a bold statement, pick a geometric motif with contrasting hues. For a natural and grounding look, consider an undyed brown jute design, or one that has a knotted or bouclé finish. The texture is earthy and wholesome and will create a calming aesthetic.

Jute rugs & runners for the kitchen

Natural jute rugs for the kitchen are also very popular. If you intend to use it as a floor covering in front of a workspace, be mindful that a particularly textured design may trap and harbour more dirt and crumbs than a smooth, plain weave or herringbone jute rug will – so may be a little more challenging to clean.

Jute rugs: adds texture to your rooms & works with all décors

Jute rugs have a natural, earthy finish, and are commonly woven in a chunky knot or with a bouclé design. This textural finish give your home depth and warmth, and will work to make your living room or bedroom feel more cosy and relaxed. If you have a traditional or country style home, this accessory will pull all your elements together and ground the look and feel of the space. If, on the other hand, you have a modern or contemporary style home, the sleek, glossy finishes will be broken up by the rough character of the rug.

These types of rugs will also suit eclectic interiors: for something a little more statement making, a herringbone jute rug will often display patterns and contrasting colours.

For a Scandinavian style interior, the natural jute colouring of off-white to natural brown is an absolutely perfect fit: simply lay it down, and your work is done.

Find and buy your jute rug online at URBANARA

At URBANARA, we specialise in high-quality home furnishings and homewares that are timeless in style and are designed to pass the test of time in busy, modern homes. For our extensive and stylish collection of rugs & runners, we work with producers in local communities who have been creating their wares for generations. By looking for the world’s best makers, we ensure that every piece in every one of our collections is made with care, and in the same working conditions that we’d expect for ourselves.

At URBANARA, our collection of jute rugs is produced in the same regions where the fibre is grown, the design and craftsmanship benefiting from the generations of experience that local craftspeople, farmers, and producers have with the material.

For this reason, you can be extra sure that when you buy a jute rug from URBANARA online, you’ll be making a sound purchase and bringing a positive story into your home… not just a beautiful product.

Affordable natural jute rugs & runners

URBANARA offers free delivery on all orders over £50 to the mainland UK, no matter what the product, so you can shop for jute rugs and runners confidently, with no added cost to you – we’ll delivery it securely packaged straight to your door.

When browsing for your home, each of our product pages provides extensive information about the item including colour, design, size, construction method, and origin, so you can make the right decision for your décor. If you don’t absolutely love your order, isn’t quite how you imagined it to be, or doesn’t complement your interior how you thought it would, you can send it back for free within 100 days, no questions asked. We call it our Love at First Touch Guarantee. No annoying or secretive terms & conditions, just straightforward and easy online shopping.

We also offer delivery outside the UK. To get a cost or quote, visit our delivery conditions, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm GMT from Monday to Friday.