Deep Fitted Sheets

Have an extra-deep mattress? Our range of high-quality, deep fitted sheets are perfect for mattresses up to 40-centimetres deep, and made using all-natural materials for a healthy, sound night's sleep.


Deep Fitted Sheets

Smooth, soft, crisp fabric that’s perfectly fitted to your mattress: it’s the stuff a delightful night’s sleep is made of – and can only be achieved with the use of deep fitted sheets; and the wide range of deep fitted sheets you can buy online at URBANARA match the same high-quality standards we have for all our bedding... so you’re guaranteed a wonderful night’s rest.

Impeccable bed linen is an absolute must for a quality, natural home that promotes health and wellbeing – and that means sheets that stay smooth, flat and inviting all night long. URBANARA’s deep fitted sheets fit the bill perfectly. Easily fitted thanks to their high-quality elastic edges, our sheets are great value for money thanks to the natural (often anti-allergenic) materials with which they’re made. By shopping for our deep pocket sheets, struggling with unruly bed linen is a thing of the past. Available for all bed sizes and mattress thicknesses, including mattress toppers and box-spring beds, our fine deep fitted sheet collections comes in a useful range of sizes, fabrics, colours, and thread counts.

Fitted sheets for a deep mattress

Today’s mattresses are plumper than ever and while that makes for a soft and relaxing sleeping environment at home, it can make a real chore of fitting sheets. This is especially true if you have a box spring bed, or, as follows another modern trend, you use a topper or cover which also adds to the bulk of a mattress.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of deep, or extra deep, fitted sheet: fitted sheets work their magic via elasticated edges with “pockets” sewn into the four corners. (Hence the moniker ‘pocket sheets’).


These pockets can be neatly tucked in under the mattress corners to ensure a tight grip, no matter how much tossing and turning goes on. Our deep pocket sheets are 40 cm deep, so large enough to accommodate mattresses on box spring beds and other large mattress sizes, as well as helping to ensure a blissful night of slumber with natural fibres and high quality materials used.

The benefits of deep fitted sheets and choosing the correct bedding

As well as offering stability, deep fitted sheets bestow a bundle of other benefits on the bedroom and life at home.

Deep fitted sheets for ease and convenience

Taking care of the bedding for oversized or deep mattresses, those with a topper or those on a box spring bed can be an irksome task. But deep and extra deep fitted sheets help make it a breeze. In contrast to the endless fumbling required to fit regular bedding, fitted sheets feature pre-shaped edges which snap into place. This makes bed changing a cinch and allows savvy homeowners to get on with their days, confident that the beds are looking great.

Deep fitted bed sheets for protection

One benefit of keeping deep mattresses or mattress toppers constantly covered with fitted sheets is that they stay clean and dry. This is especially true for URBANARA’s line of deep sheets which are made exclusively from Egyptian cotton, cotton sateen, cotton percale, linen, silk, cotton jersey and cotton flannel – each with a high thread count or fabric density GSM.

High quality fibres like this are durable and stain resistant, as well as being delightfully soft to the touch, which makes it the perfect bedding fabric to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep at home.

Deep fitted sheets for comfort and safety

Waking up in the early hours cocooned in tangled bedsheets is no fun. It's easily avoided though, through the use of fitted sheets which remain firmly in place throughout the night, even when a mattress topper has been added to the mix. Moreover, no hanging edges means no chance of falling or tripping, and generally, less time needs to be spent taking care of your bedding. Proper bedding is at the heart of a safe and a happy home and deep pocket sheets play an essential role in this when a deep mattress is in play.

The value of deep fitted sheets

Traditionally, the cotton used to make deep fitted sheets features a higher thread count than normal. Though the initial outlay may be higher, these fabrics give long service and thus make an excellent investment for the home.

What depth are deep fitted bed sheets?

Deep sheets come in a range of sizes from 30 centimetres and up. Modern king size mattresses can reach 55 centimetres and more in thickness necessitating extra deep sheets. Another factor to consider is the presence of a mattress topper, protector, pillow top, euro top, or tight top. Such cases may necessitate the use of ultra-deep pocket sheets. Should the sheet be too long, it can be easily tucked under a deep mattress.

Which fitted sheets do I need for my deep mattress?

Cotton fitted sheets

With its unmatched ability to be both absorbent and breathable, while also being smooth and soft, (plus being available in a range of beautiful designs and styles) cotton is the sound choice for fitted sheets. Its absorbency results in a delightful crisp coolness and its breathability helps maintain optimal body temperature. Another key factor is that few fabrics are as gentle on children’s skin as cotton.

For these reasons, many of the deep pocket sheet collections we offer at URBANARA are all woven from 100% cotton in a rich variety of weaves and finishes with thread counts ranging from 200 to 600.

Elasticised pocket sheets in sateen, percale, and Egyptian cotton

Our sumptuous finishes include sateen, Egyptian cotton, and percale weaves using 100% pure cotton that has been mercerised for enhanced strength and lustre. Tightly woven percale weaves display a smooth and elegant finish to go on your deep mattress, while sateen sheets are lustrous and durable, and are characterised by a slight sheen… ideal for those who prefer something fancy or glamorous.

Egyptian cotton fitted sheets are particularly durable, because the cotton yarns are among the longest of any cotton variety: this means less breaks in each fibre, so the stronger the fabric is.

Cotton jersey fitted sheets

Cotton jersey is also a great choice, and ideal for fitted sheets (both shallow and deep designs) because of its natural stretchiness: think of your favourite t-shirt. Urbanara’s range has been specially created to match the quality cotton jersey bed linen collections. This slight give in the fabric makes is especially suited to memory foam mattresses… and will mould with the curves of your body as you sleep. Plus, it’s unbelievably soft and cosy, and has that ‘worn in’ feeling, for those who really enjoy snugging down into bed.

Linen fitted sheets

Linen is a brilliant choice for bedding thanks to its thermos-regulating, breathable, and naturally anti-allergenic qualities. Linen fitted sheets have a special texture, too, and will complete a bed that’s been made up with linen bed linen.

In terms of style, our collection of bed linen for deep mattresses focuses on subtle elegant designs in a classic muted palette of whites and greys that will grace bedrooms of any decor. Your extra deep or deep sheets will look just as stylish and inviting as any other bedding for your home that you can buy from URBANARA.

Cotton flannel fitted sheets for winter

Cotton flannel is characterised by a fluffy surface or raised nap that naturally traps heat and keeps it close to your body. If you get cold easily while you sleep, winter pocket sheets in extra deep designs are also available in cotton flannel; paired with flannel bed linen, it’s guaranteed to transform your bed into a cosy winter haven for the warmest, cosiest sleep you’ve ever had.

When should you use deep fitted sheets

URBANARA’S line of deep fitted sheets can be bought in a range of sizes to fit most beds, deep mattresses and mattress toppers. When shopping, the only criteria to consider is the thickness they can handle and the most desirable shade of colour.

Deep fitted sheets for a box spring bed

As the mattress on a box spring bed tends to be very thick, extra deep fitted sheets are often necessary, especially if a mattress topper is also present. URBANARA’s all natural collection of deep pocket sheets includes lovely models that can amply accommodate box spring bed mattresses up to 40 centimetres deep.

Mattress topper fitted sheets

Mattress toppers are popular nowadays as a flexible way to add an extra layer of comfort and protection to a mattress, therefore making your bed an even more sumptuous place to relax and sleep soundly. However, you should take care to note that a side-effect of adding a topper is that the thickness of the mattress is increased and this can become irksome when trying to find and use the correct bedding. Deep fitted sheets fit snugly onto mattresses with toppers ensuring an inviting bedroom ambiance and a great night’s sleep at home.

Shop deep fitted bed sheets at URBANARA with ease

Shopping online for deep sheets with URBANARA opens the door the a vast choice of quality bedding in striking range of designs that blend beautifully with any style of bed, bedspread, furnishings, and colour scheme. Our deep sheets come in 100% cotton with thread counts ranging from 200 up to a generous 600 in elegant finishes and irresistible colours.

We deliver anywhere in the UK free of charge if you shop for over £50. Plus with our Love at First Touch guarantee, shoppers can order with confidence secure with our guarantee of returns for any reason within 100 days of purchase. Customers seeking advice about fitted sheets or seeking customisation can shop with peace of mind by contacting our customer service team on (+44) 0800 77 97 527.

Quality bed linen makes a home, and choosing superior deep fitted sheets from URBANARA ensures neat and stylish bedrooms and comfortable nights for the whole family.