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Mix and match gorgeous cushion covers on the bed or sofa for a cosy - yet stylish - space.

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Cushion Covers for the living room, bedroom and outdoors

What other home accessory has the elegant utility of the cushion? Simple and affordable, cushions bestow comfort and style, and can transform the ambience of a room in seconds.

They’re versatile, too. Indoors on beds, armchairs, couches and chaise lounges, cushions offer support, repose, and a rich sense of style. Outdoors on sun-loungers and deck-chairs, they bring color and comfort for relaxing on warm summer days.

Cushions also provide a fast and easy way to makeover a room. With a little bit of creative flair, an arrangement of a throw and scatter cushions on a bed or couch will help homeowners quickly redefine and rejuvenate tired spaces.

URBANARA’s collection of stylish cushions covers comes in a range of enticing colors, patterns and all-natural fabrics. Complemented with inserts made from duck and goose feathers or a polyester, our cushion covers are firm enough to support and soft enough to delight.

Matching cushion covers with other elements in your interior

When shopping for cushion covers for the living room or bedroom, it’s vital to consider existing décor and home accessories. To establish balance, it’s a good idea to match hues and patterns already present in items such as curtains vases or furnishings.

URBANARA offers a choice of floral, striped and herringbone motifs for a more traditional look and abstract motifs for modern decors. Many of our cushions can be paired with matching blankets & throws to ensure harmony in the bedroom.

As a rule, three colors should be the maximum… and they should complement each other for a balanced look. Aim to pick up couch cushion covers in colors that are already in the existing décor. 

Large cushion covers vs small cushion covers

Cushion covers come in a variety of sizes, which makes it easy to buy just the right items for any setting. URBANARA offers the following sizes: large cushion covers in 31in x 31in, rectangular 16in x 24in cushion covers, and 20in x 20in as well as 16in x 16in couch cushion covers.

Cushions – which items of furniture can you use them with

Cushions can be used on all kinds of furniture both inside and outside the home.

Scatter cushions for sofas

Scatter cushions help make the sofa the centre of home relaxation it deserves to be. Also, they can complement existing decor or sofa fabrics or add a stylish contrast as required. On dull winter days, yellow cushions can add a touch of summery brightness, for example. On the other hand, matching cushions to curtains helps create a harmonic look.

Outdoor cushions

Whether on a recliner, sun-bed, deckchair or hammock swinging gently in a breeze, outdoor cushions can help make your garden, terrace or poolside into a stylish relaxation zone. Cotton and linen cushions are a great choice for the outdoors because they’re particularly hardy, and can be placed in the washing machine.

Cushions and pillows on the bed

Decorative throw pillows can create a lovely bedroom environment and also function as extra support when sitting up in bed. The biggest pillows should be at the back and the smallest to the front to ensure maximum highlighting. For a modern look, bedrooms benefit by drawing from a simple palette of greys and whites with an artfully placed colorful cushion as an accent. A mix of cushions in both square and rectangle shapes will ensure maximum comfort. 

Cushion covers from URBANARA – which materials do they come in?

We pride ourselves on using purely natural materials, so our cushions are fashioned from velvet, silk, wool, cotton and various blends thereof. Natural materials in the home promote a safe and healthy environment, but also require less chemicals to produce, and offer a lower environmental footprint, so you can feel good about having them in your home. In addition, natural fibres come with a host of other benefits.

Wool, for example, naturally absorbs odours from the air, and is particularly dirt-resistant (this also makes wool rugs and throws particularly hard-wearing accessories for the home). Linen is a good choice for allergy sufferers because it’s anti-static, meaning it won’t attract dust, and is naturally resistant to mites. Synthetic fibres on the other hand are the opposite – so there’s more than one good reason to choose natural materials, even for the smallest and most unassuming of home accessories.

Velvet cushion covers

Velvet is synonymous with smooth; this incomparably rich, plush and soft fabric brings an unique sense of luxury to cushion covers. With their deep pile, velvet cushion covers are pleasantly warm to the touch making them ideal for use in winter.

Linen cushion covers

Fashioned from threads derived from the flax plant, linen is a soft and breathable fabric that’s also durable and delightfully cool to the touch. This makes linen cushion covers ideal for use in summer on recliners.

Wool cushions

Wool cushions bring a warm and fluffy feel to any setting. Especially prized is 100% cashmere. Softer and smoother than regular wool cushions, cashmere cushions are also more insulating and therefore warmer. Blends of wool and silk are especially attractive, combining the lustre of silk with the warmth of wool.

Other cushion cover materials - cotton and jute

The URBANARA cushion collection also includes cotton cushion covers, fashioned from cotton both pure and in various blends. We also offer jute cushion covers which bring a more natural feeling.

Pink, yellow, or grey cushion covers? Pick your favourite color!

No matter what's your favourite color, we're sure you'll it included in our selection: pink cushion covers, yellow cushion covers, grey cushion covers and many more trendy colors and stylish designs, to suit every mood, decor and setting.

Buy cushion covers online in the US at URBANARA

Shopping online with URBANARA allows access to a distinctive range of cushions that aren’t seen in High Street outlets. The last word in luxury and style, these are cushion covers that US homeowners have come to love.

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