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Bedroom and living room curtains

Much more than mere strips of cloth, modern curtains are important home accessories that play a central role in the form and function of a room.

Natural curtains can confer a sense of harmony or act as a stunning focal point. Functionally, bedroom curtains and living room curtains keep out noise, cold and prying eyes, and play an important part in the light levels in a room when combined with lamps and other lighting. 

Curtains also allow for fast and easy makeovers. Installing ready made curtains can quickly revive a drab space or revamp the mood and feel of a room.

Curtain fabric density

Curtain fabric density determines how much heat, light and sound passes through the material and thus its qualities. Pay attention to the fabric used to make the ready made curtains. For example, a plain cotton curtain may have a different fabric density to velvet curtains.

Sheer curtains, usually made from cotton, feature the least density and thus the most transparency. This breezy style is perfect for the daytime when homeowners seek both illumination and privacy. 

At the other end of the spectrum are the thick blackout curtains. Fashioned from heavy linen/cotton blends or velvet, and often with a backing, these are perfect for use as bedroom curtains. Other than ensuring complete darkness, they also muffle sound and create a cosy cocoon effect for sleeping in at the weekends.

A compromise is available in the form of mid-weight fabrics such as linen curtains.

Voile curtains for the living room

Voile curtains, also known as net curtains, are made of a sheer fabric, allowing light into the room while adding privacy. Bespoke sheer curtains can add a light, natural feeling to your living room.

If you prefer thicker curtains for your living room, soft velvet curtains in natural colours would add a touch of sophisticated style.

Blackout Curtains for the bedroom

For a good night sleep, choose thick blackout curtains that would block those too early sun rays in summer from waking you up before your alarm clock does. However, make sure not to choose too dark of a colour, as this might make the room look smaller.

For a harmonious bedroom, choose grey, cream or white blackout curtains. Other soft earthy colours such as taupe and mauve could also blend well to create a spacious feeling while still keeping the city lights outside.

Which colour curtains to choose?

When it comes to choosing colours for modern curtains, users can choose either colours that match existing decor and home accessories for harmony, or opt for contrasting hues to create a statement.

Colour also affects transparency. Darker shades are more suitable as bedroom curtains and rooms requiring privacy and less light, for example mauve curtains or navy curtains would be well suited here. 

For homeowners with grey walls, the choice of colour depends on the effect desired. Choosing silver curtains or taupe curtains will result in an enhanced sense of space. White curtains work well if the room has other vibrant colours and patterns. For a happy neutral, you can never go wrong with natural beige or cream curtains. 

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