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Filter: 361 products

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and finding the perfect Christmas presents is not always easy. We can help you become the best gift-giver in your family. Do you want to go big or just find a little something to brighten someone’s day? Are you looking for gifts for your mum, your best friend, your husband or your dad? Making everyone happy can be quite the challenge. One gift you can never go wrong with, is a classic wool blanket or a soft alpaca blanket.

Gifts for her

Find the perfect Christmas gift for your wife, daughter, mum, sister or best friend. A beautiful cashmere jumper or cashmere hat will keep them warm and stylish throughout the winter. Modern candle holders make for a lovely winter accessory at home and are always appreciated as Christmas gifts. Another winter favourite is of course, the scarf. Shop our natural material scarves made from cotton, cashmere and alpaca wool. Find knitted or woven designs in classic greys, pastel pinks, bordeaux reds and more.


Gifts for him

Find the perfect Christmas gift for your husband, dad, brother, son or best friend. You can’t go wrong with a wool blanket in classic grey hues. A new, matching set of towels also make a lovely Christmas gift that comes in handy every day. Bathrobes or simple bed linen also make unique, lovely gifts for the men in your life.