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Give yourself the best possible sleep with natural fibre bedding and bed linen - finished to five-star standards.

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100% Natural Bedding for a healthy home

For a deep, uninterrupted sleep, the difference that bedding and duvet covers made from natural materials can make is truly remarkable. For a start, high-quality bedding feels simply delightful to sleep in. Natural duvet covers and bed sheets are far healthier to have in the home, and are the perfect choice of bed linen for people with allergies. Natural bedding, duvet covers and pillow cases are also perfect as children's bedding.

Organic cotton bedding and duvet covers

In essence: the more ‘natural’ your bedding, the better. All of URBANARA’s bedding sets and duvet cover sets are made where possible of 100% pure natural materials and many of our duvet covers and bed sheets have the organic seal of approval attached. Organic cotton bedding is great for reducing chemicals in the home.

Quality bedding that lasts for years

100% natural bedding and duvet covers, such as cotton bedding or linen bedding, will last much, much longer than non-natural bedding. Synthetic fabrics are very likely to pile, becoming less soft and less beautiful after minimal wear and a few washes of your bed linen. That’s why bedding in natural fabrics like organic cotton and linen are some of our favourites for bed linen and duvet cover sets at URBANARA.

We are able to keep the cost of quality affordable by focusing on online retail. When you shop online duvet covers and bed sheets from URBANARA, you can be sure that you’re buying high quality, natural and ethical bedding.

What to look for in bed linen and duvet covers

Thread count is an oft-referenced quality measurement for bedding sets, but there are other things that are more important for the overall feel of the bed linen that you should consider even before looking at the thread count! Material, finish and quality certification all come into play, and can really impact the quality of your bedding sets and duvet covers. Note that a particular bed linen thread count doesn’t mean that the bedding is of a certain quality. Rather, it can be a good indication as to the silkiness and smoothness of the overall bed linen fabric, and the texture of the final bedding.

Duvet covers and bed sheets for king size, queen size and single beds

Selecting the right bedding and duvet cover size is important for comfort and the overall look of your bedroom. At URBANARA, we offer single bed bedding, double bedding sets and king size bedding sets and duvet covers.

For a double mattress (140 x 200), single bedding sets and duvet covers will give you a 20 cm (sides) and 30 cm (foot) overhang, double bed bedding will give you a 50 cm (sides) and 65 cm (foot) overhang.

White, cream and grey bedding sets

Choose soft colours for an elegant, relaxing bedroom design - white, cream or grey bedding should do the work. Other earthy colours such as pigeon blue or terracotta bedding could also add to the natural feeling.  

Buy bedding and bed linen online with URBANARA

Shopping for duvet covers, bed sheets and matching pillow cases online with URBANARA offers access to a distinctive and affordable range of home furnishings and textiles, as well as high quality, natural bedding, that you won’t find on the high street. Buying bedding and duvet covers from us also represents great value.

To ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.

So you can shop confidently, always.