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Classic beach towels for the best in poolside (and seaside) lounging. 

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Designer Beach Towels

When summer arrives and thoughts turn to warm, lazy days at the spa, pool, and seaside, it’s time to consider indulging in fine beach towels. A must for drying down, covering up, and keeping off the hot sand, designer beach towels belong in every savvy holiday maker’s beach or travel bag.

So what are the special qualities of beach towels?

Beach towels have to be highly absorbent and fast drying to do their job properly. Absorbency depends on the fabric, and the hands-down winner is cotton beach towels. Drying speed also hinges on thickness so cotton beach towels are slimmer than regular bath towels. As a nice bonus, thin and lightweight designer beach towels are easy to fold up and slip into a beach bag.

At the same time, designer beach towels have to be larger than bath towels. Spread out on the sand, extra-large beach towels need to be big enough to accommodate any frame. Beach towels lengths range from 150 up to 180 centimetres, and oversized beach towels are available for those seeking an extra-large area.

Finally, ideal beach towels simply have to look good. Summer demands style and the good news is that URBANARA offers a sumptuous range of designer beach towels featuring exquisite designs that can light up a summer’s day.

Beach towels are made from which materials?

Terry Cloth is an incredibly absorbent material perfect for beach towels made from 100% cotton, with uncut loops that increase the surface area of the fabric - this makes it super absorbent, as well as delightfully soft and fluffy. 

Velour is also ideal for beach towels - a plush and lovely fabric crafted from cotton but with a smooth velvety feel, hence the name. 

Crafting extra-large beach towels using two fabrics delivers the qualities of both. One popular format features one side made from terry cloth for absorption, and the other from velour for its exquisite silky feel. Another emerging trend for modern beach towels is to have woven cotton on one side and terry cloth on the other.

Beach towels – how big are they?

Beach towels play various roles so they need to be large enough to hit all the spots. An average length of around 180 centimetres allows most people to lie down without touching the sand.

For larger users, large beach towels are available for maximum comfort and coverage. In addition, families looking to share a spot on the beach should choose size L or XL beach towels. These oversized beach towels measure up to 100 centimetres or more in width which makes them ideal for picnic blankets for the beach.

Plain, geometric and striped beach towels

URBANARA’s buying team regularly scours the markets of the world for the finest luxury beach towels, and presents the cream of their findings here for our discerning customers.

Our many designs include plain or striped beach towels, as well as beach towels with geometric patterns.

Why are our beach towels among the best?

Shopping online with URBANARA offers convenient access to beach towels that have been curated by connoisseurs. Our unrivalled collection will look equally good in the garden, by the pool, in the sauna, on the sands, or on the deck of yacht.

URBANARA’s designer beach towels are distinguished by sheer quality in terms of materials, design and manufacturing expertise, production methods, and attention to detail. We deal only with artisans who take pride in their traditions, including textile weavers in Portugal and traditional hammam makers in Turkey.

The beach towels in the URBANARA collection include both timeless designs and the the latest look of the season. Style-wise they range from a plain or striped creations to eye-catching patterns inspired by nature, geometry and exotic cultures. Nothing makes a day at the seaside more comfortable than a big fluffy beach towel. 

Buy beach towels online at URBANARA

For our extensive and stylish collection of beach towels, we work with producers in local communities who have been creating their wares for generations.

By looking for the world’s best makers, we ensure that every piece in every one of our collections is made with care, and in the same working conditions that we’d expect for ourselves.

We ship throughout Europe and our delivery charges can be found here. For total peace of mind, customers can return any item free of charge within 100 days. Its all part of what we’re proud to call our ‘Love at First Touch Guarantee’.